Many organizations only have their core values on posters instead of living in the hearts and minds of the staff. Staff can’t translate core values into concrete behavior so they get distracted by the latest fads and the influence of core values dwindles.

Waste of Resources

This is a such a waste of resources because the extent to which employees engage with core values has a major influence on the corporate culture, which then determines the company results. We all know of great companies whose successes were due, in part, to the strength of their organizational culture.

Core values are part of corporate vision. They describe what makes the company outstanding in relation to other organizations. The way in which core values are lived leads to behavior that is in line with vision and strategy


A concrete example is the recruitment of new staff. Core values are often used by an organization in their recruitment campaign as a way of attracting the right talent. The core values on paper are used for this, creating an expectation that this will be in line with the real behavior in the organization.

If behavior within the organization is not in line with its core values, the result is a mismatch, with all its unpleasant consequences. A strong corporate culture where core values are lived leads to a more effective recruitment process.

Live your company's core-values

In an organization that lives its core-values, staff discuss them at work, try to apply them and give each other feedback on whether or not they are living up to those values.

Core values, in an organization like this, help to align behavior, maintain standards and connect to the vision of the organization. They are also a source of pride and cohesion in teams.

Core-values game ALIGN

In order to realize this, leaders, managers and team leaders, cascaded throughout the whole organization, must keep on engaging with people about the organization’s core values.

Align helps this process by translating and transposing the core values of your organization into the player’s work place. Players are presented with realistic situations they recognize from their own experience as well as those of colleagues or their managers.

These situations create challenges and dilemmas that are based specifically on the organization. The game relates the player’s choices to the degree to which the choice is in line with the organization’s values.

Align is a business game that triggers dialogue between staff members about concrete challenges at work and inspires them to put the core values of the organization into practice every day.

Values that are embedded in the organization form the connection between employees and the organization. Lived values contribute to achieving organizational goals.

What to expect?

Connects Values with
Desired Behavior

Align provides direct insight into how behavior in line with the core values influences the success of the organization, but also what the consequences are of non-compliant behavior.


Connects Values with
Desired Behavior

Participants are challenged to discuss and reflect on the organizational culture and the behavioral adaptations they need to make during the process of playing a number of rounds of Align. Participants have fun as they confront their work challenges and dilemmas and experience how core values can function as a moral compass.


Strengthen the connection

Connection between staff is created by co-operating to investigate what desirable behavior looks like and how this reinforces the success of the organization. Employees are inspired to work together on strengthening their organizational culture.


From paper to practice

Participants are challenged to co-operate in solving dilemmas mirroring the day-to-day activities of the organization. After the game, the participants share insights with their own team as to how the core values can contribute to team objectives.


What to expect?

Chris van Voorthuysen, HR Director Interxion: "The core values came to life for the
first time, no longer a corporate thought, but a new way of working."

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implementing core values?


Thomas Benedict