Challenging times

The coming period we will still be working from home. Everyone has found their own way of dealing with this new situation and does the best they can to make things work. Despite all efforts the situation remains challenging. For you as a person, and also with regard to the cooperation with your colleagues. As the social interaction is missing, difficulties may arise. Disputes within the team, which are noticed easily and discusses quickly under normal circumstances, may lead to bigger problems now.

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The importance of connection

Take a moment to think about the (virtual) cooperation within your team. Under normal circumstances, the functioning of a teams requests sufficient attention. Now, as everyone is working at home, the chance is bigger that colleagues make assumptions about each other, it is harder to recognise and settle conflicts, mutual suspicion might occur and the common ways of working are under pressure. Next to that, the disappearance of the informal interaction between colleagues might also influence how the team operates. Everyone is in contact with each other for business as usual, but one should not forget the importance of the personal connection between the team members. Make sure issues are pointed out on time so they won’t have a negative influence on the cooperation within the team and the team keeps their fun, flow and productivity.

Necesarry maintenance

There are enough digital tools to stay in touch. Though please note the importance of the team really taking account of each other, so the team members stay connected and are jointly succesfull. Take the time to pay attention to each other, think of ways to have fun together, be curious and try to understand each other’s context. This way, you will find out what your team really needs.

Do you need some help with this? Our team scan might be the solution. Team Flow Index is the check-up for your virtual team. It provides direct insight into the priorities and points for improvement of the team. TFI serves as a starting point for dialogue and defining concrete actions.

“By using Team Flow Index we came up with concrete actions which delivered results in the short term.”

Ordina – Participant TFI

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