My motivation at work is constantly challenging organizations and teams in order to raise them to a higher level. This is the main reason why I work at InContext as a strategy and change consultant. I believe that you learn the most when the going gets tough and you are confronted with your own boundaries and those of the organization. This is the arena I want to move into and navigate in.

When I work with leadership teams, I always start by asking whether they are open to the external world and their employees, or whether they believe they know all they need to know already. As long as a group is willing to move, contribute and cooperate, I am there to guide and help them. For example, by deepening a strategic issue, developing a business plan or guiding and supporting a change process.

My preferred roles are those of challenger and coach. At InContext I get the opportunity to work with vigorous, enthusiastic and forward looking national and international clients, consultancy teams, coaches and partners who are open to change.

Background & education

  • Certifications/trained in: Culture Transformation Tools (Barrett), OD certified professional (Institute of Organizational Development), professional coach EQA practitioner (ICM), Organizational Health Index (McKinsey), facilitation and presentation skills (Accenture)
  • MSc Business Administration – Change Management and currently part of Advisory Board (Groningen)


ABB, ABN AMRO, Accenture, Aegon, ASML, Boskalis, Danone,, Equinix, GSK, ING, Novartis, PON, Roche, RBS, Shell

I have worked (in partnership) with consultants from: Bain, Bersin / Deloitte, CEB, McKinsey, Nexum