Organizational transformation in a fast-changing world

Organizations are under increasing pressure from customers, employees and other stakeholders to transform their business. This is driven by new technological possibilities, data-driven insights, new business models and increasing demand for transparency, authenticity and flexibility.

The pace and unpredictability with which business environments evolve demand a new way of leading change. Implementing new ways of working, processes and technologies alone will not be sufficient for success. Unpredictability is driving the need to examine everything – including how we perceive the world, think and collaborate – with fresh eyes. It requires leaders with a transformation mindset – open to new possibilities and insights and the courage of conviction to change direction.

The traditional approach to change demands a lot of time for planning and communication. In today’s complex and fast evolving world, time is limited and delays in decision-making could lead to plans being overtaken by events! Our suggestion: start the journey of transformation with an experienced partner. Discover new insights along the way to shape the transformation and the benefits these could bring for your organization. Do this through experimentation, gathering feedback, acting on insights and taking incremental steps forward.

The organizational transformation experts of InContext support leaders, departments, teams and individuals during their transformation journey. Read further to learn how they do this.

Transformation boom

“Change fatigue doesn’t happen when people are engaged in creating change. Move swiftly!”

Thomas Benedict – Director and founder of InContext

The journey of discovery

When you accept the challenge and commence the complex and unpredictable journey of discovery, it requires a transformation mindset and persistence. We can support you throughout this journey.

Questions that can help you make progress:

How do you and your organization create added value for key stakeholders? What makes your organization unique and recognizable?

What is your organization’s long-term vision? How is this communicated? Is there a clear strategic focus for realizing it?

Do you have the right people and resources to create an organization that is future proof? What is the timeframe to achieve this?

How do you engage customers, employees and other key stakeholders in the transformation? How are you going to integrate their input in your transformation?

Are you willing to make tough decisions? Can you be decisive? Are you able to make decisions in the face of competing interests?

How do you communicate and share your process, objectives and results achieved? Are you willing to change your approach based on new information?

Organizational transformation in four phases and their challenges

In recent years, InContext supported organizations such as ABB, ING, NPO, Philips and Roche during their transformations. During these complex journeys of change, we provided support in four distinct phases of transformation, drawing on our expertise, insights and tools.

Understand the context, frame the challenges and be open
to the unexpected

During this phase, uniting the leadership team in support of a shared purpose is the biggest challenge. Competing agendas, different interests and personalities often mean that creating a clear vision for transformation is time consuming. By doing this in co-creation, alignment and progress can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

InContext can further enhance the ability of leaders and their organization to deal with challenges through thought-provoking analyses and recommendations, facilitating leadership development, and supporting the transformation lead and leaders with the creation of change programs.


Start innovating and
gain new insights

In this phase, dedicated teams actively experiment and test concepts to gather more information and drive the transformation forwards. Success encourages momentum and failure is celebrated because of the newfound knowledge it brings. These approaches reduce the anxiety common in many traditional change projects and increase resilience.

InContext supports with the identification of key challenges for your organization and the approach to address these. We also support the experiment and pilot teams with their process, design sprints and retrospectives, enabling them to reach and adjust the transformation objectives and roadmap.


Use new insights to inspire
and experience benefits

In this phase it is about sharing new insights broadly within the organization and having people experience the benefits. This enables people to see for themselves what the transformation means for them and they can become motivated to behave differently.

InContext supports organizations with the creation of such immersive experiences through tailor-made business simulations, inspiration and training sessions. Additionally, we support teams taking the first step on their transformation journey.


Increase connection and scale up

In this phase you act as the guide for your entire organization. You enable people to connect with the benefits of transformation and help change to spread throughout the organization. Achieving personal commitment to the transformation is the aim here.

InContext coaches teams and departments during their transformation and supports efforts to scale it up across the organization. However, we also step back so that your organization is able to sustain itself going forward. Champions and other role-models within your organization play a key role in this phase. Formal and informal networks can also be drawn on to further embed positive change.


“They easily switch between supporting the individual, coaching the leadership team, and achieving business results together with the organization.”

Peter Bratusek – General Manager Roche Diagnostics Adriatics

Where are you going on your journey of discovery?

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Thomas Benedict 

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