Building and developing amazing teams is a key to success, extremely hard to do and very rewarding. InContext helps teams and their leaders do the impossible.
Building and developing amazing teams is a key to success, extremely hard to do and very rewarding. InContext helps teams and their leaders do the impossible.
Teams don’t become great by accident, but by design

In our more than 20 years of experience in coaching and developing teams, InContext team coaches help teams and their leaders to get the right people on board, nail the required performance level, break down silo’s, work through (and NOT around) conflict, lose unnecessary ballast, put unique strengths to work and have fun.

A team coach stands by the team, helps, reflects and confronts. She is a facilitator and helps get the real issues on the table. If necessary, the coach can introduce state-of-the-art tools like Team Flow Index to analyse and understand issues and support the team through rough times. An InContext coach also knows when to step back and let the team take its own responsibility to develop, grow and perform.

What you can expect


Build your team

We create a team profile by making personality profiles, creating development centers, testing capabilities and developing an in-depth understanding of the team’s tasks.

We help determine the compatibility of team members, uncover the blind spots and train the skills needed to have team members work together effectively. We also map the congruency of values and beliefs among team members and explore whether they are really on board, or not. All in order to create the right balance and mix between competition and cooperation and optimizing performance.


Analyse your team

We assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling team members to deliver optimal results.

The tasks and contexts of teams vary and therefore the definition of ‘a team’ varies. We use our state-of-the-art tool Team Flow Index to identify what the team needs to get the job done well. We look at the team composition, structure and leadership, taking into account the context, the environment and the task at hand.

We analyze and provide feedback. We work with teams, in a fully connected way, to achieve their goals.


Synergize your team

We build team focus and a synchronized, collaborative working process.

We offer a mirror for team members to get to know themselves and one another, understanding their strengths and areas for development and discovering potential team challenges.

We enable teams to combine strengths, harmonize the ways of working and prevent latent problems mushrooming and becoming destructive. A team doesn’t rock when its potential is unfocused.


Optimize your team performance

We introduce the perspective and feedback from the team’s environment, helping the team to understand the effect of their working methods and their performance on others.

We help the team’s understanding by collecting the feedback, defining pathways to improvement and developing the skills required.

By having the right KPI’s in place, and with an open feedback loop, the team will be able to monitor their performance and become a team which is continuously improving.


The process leading to a team that consistently delivers excellent results is not always pain free. With great respect for all involved, InContext challenges and confronts teams and its members with the sole purpose of helping them grow and develop. If you are willing to face and deal with issues previously pushed under the carpet, to take collaboration to the next level, make real choices and set priorities, your team will start to deliver the inconceivable!

A unique mix of:

Team dialogue

  • Summarizing your strategy in one page enabling the organization to share the message in a clear and concise way
  • Translating the strategy to the level of individuals and helping them understand how they can contribute to the success of the organization
  • Creating the story to tell the organization, using the Why, How and What of the strategy
  • Defining the ‘Team’ in order to achieve the business objectives


  • InContext state-of-the-art "Team Flow Index" team analysis model
  • Facet5 personality profile + Facet5 Teamscape
  • One Page Strategic Plan
  • Align - sharing values
  • Business simulations – understand the bigger picture and your role in it


  • Outdoor and indoor experiences focusing on effective teamwork, leadership and collaboration
  • Teamscape team analysis and profiling, highlighting pitfalls and opportunities for each unique team

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