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Core values

The extent to which employees engage with core values has a major influence on the corporate culture, which then determines the company results. 


Core values are part of corporate vision. They describe what makes the company outstanding in relation to other organizations. The way in which core values are lived leads to behavior that is in line with vision and strategy. More.

The Winning Dialogue

The Winning Dialogue presents you with the big picture, the techniques and the insight to bring challenging professional conversations to a successful conclusion. You learn to instantly adapt your approach, in accordance with the actual behavior and communication of your conversation or negotiations partners. More.


InContext would like to help you develop a reciprocal relationship with millennials. 


Each organization has its own development goals. We will chart out, together with you, how to set up your mission and values, leadership development and / or talent management with millennials more in mind, and how the millennials in your organization can flourish and contribute. More.