Leadership & organisational development

As leaders develop and grow, they will influence, develop and change their organization: develop new vision and strategies. embrace opportunities, conduct experiments, grow people and find better ways. And that’s just the beginning. This is why we believe that leadership development and organisational development are connected. At InContext, we know that great leaders build great organisations and we love to engage with and support this process!

Delivering Value for Business, Organisation and People

The organisation and business always form the context for any leadership programme we build. This means that each leadership programme is specifically designed as a unique experience to add as much value as possible. For the participants, but also for the organisation and the people they serve. Examples, exercises and experiences are directly derived from the business. Participants are continuously challenged to learn and act in their daily setting based on their programme learnings and bring back their experiences, feedback and questions into the programme. In this way the programme becomes more relevant, practical and valuable to participants, but it also means that the programme starts adding value to the business and its people from day 1.

Do what is called for, not necessarily the latest trend

Our programmes are developed to positively impact people, the business and the organisation through developing leaders, wherever they are in the organisational chart. This can mean that new models, ways of working and ideas are introduced, but not necessarily. Sometimes existing ideas, processes and skills need just as much attention. It all depends on what is going to positively impact day-to-day behaviour and choices and so make a lasting difference.

Strong drive to create lasting value for people and organisation

Our consultants are not so much there to deliver a product, but to help change things for the better. This makes for a fresh, creative, adaptive and interactive approach that keeps people engaged and helps open eyes and hearts for new ways of working.

Emphasis on action

We do not believe in broadcasting as a primary method for helping adults to learn. Therefore, we do not emphasize lectures or videos in developing leaders. Our programmes are designed for people to experiment, exercise and reflect, both in programme and in daily practice. The experiment and exercise part of this is never done in a random manner with standardized exercises, but with tools that are specifically designed to engage, challenge and empower learners to develop and learn for their own specific context.

Seeing with new eyes

Everyone has blind spots and fixed ideas about their environment. Our programmes help to raise consciousness and develop awareness. This means that participants learn to see themselves, their colleagues and their organisation with new eyes. By introducing new perspectives and stimulating dialogue and reflection in a safe setting, our programmes help people to explore blind spots, challenge stubborn images about co-workers and rethink fixed ideas about their work. This creates space for positive change in thoughts, communication and actions.

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