Agile way of working

Changing mindsets and adapting to new values

Agile working makes you more efficient and more innovative. You get shorter time-to-market and become more adaptable to change.

Agile working means fast development and continuous flow. Based on short customer feedback loops, you can adapt and deliver products that are fit for purpose and focus on added value. To top that, you increase productivity, creativity and happiness.

People and squads

The successes of companies such as Google, Netflix, Zappos and Spotify make Agile even more appealing and of interest. These companies are organized in an Agile way and are all well-known for their innovative organization and collaborative culture.

InContext can help you to get the best out of people and squads and guide leaders and the organization. Our approach focuses on changing mindsets and experiencing the Agile way of working. Changing mindsets and adapting to new values are vital as you move towards an Agile organizational culture.

Mindset & values


What to expect?


Mindset and values

Your ability to change mindsets and behaviors is crucial for successful Agile transformation. Is your organization ready to change its habits and culture? Mindset change is the most difficult and least tangible part of the transformation.

InContext supports you in organizational culture change programs, focusing on determining purpose and enabling your people to be the best they can be.

We help you to determine your focus, set your direction and establish your core purpose. We help you develop great leadership by modelling new behaviors, and by introducing a culture of asking questions, encouraging feedback as well as continuous learning and enhanced development.


Principles and Practices

We help individuals in your organization understand Agile principles and practices.

What are your key Agile principles? Have you already determined them, or are Manifesto, DevOps, and Lean a potential source of inspiration? Do you already have a highly developed toolbox with interventions and exercises or is there anything more you could still add?

InContext supports you in developing and delivering a set of interventions. From discussing the historic development of Agile/Lean, to experiencing key practices and developing your own Manifesto. We can help you build your own practices, identifying critical exercises for you to become more Agile, too.


Tools and Processes

Tools and Processes are the most tangible starting point. Are you already raising Agile awareness in your organization? If not, get your squads to experience a new way of working, beginning with simple formats.

InContext can support your awareness of Agile via an inspirational Game: the Agile Explorer Game (2-day experience).

  • Stimulate the required mindset and behavioral change.
  • Apply tools such as sprint boards, sprint planning, client demos and retrospectives.
  • Experience sprints, self-organizing squads and tribes. Writing user stories, planning & prioritizing and focusing on continuous improvement.
Aligned autonomy

InContext helps you create an agile workforce consisting of autonomous squads and leaders who create alignment. We focus on six simple indicators of Agile working: purpose, speed, quality, fun, speak-up and collaboration.


1) People and Squads

Autonomous people and squads: delivering maximum added value by taking ownership.


  • Purpose: understand how to add value for your customer.
  • Speed: continuously deliver value in increments and adapt to client feedback.
  • Quality: focus on learning from failures and reflecting on what and how to improve.
  • Fun: focus on motivation and fun.
  • Speak up: challenge each other, ask questions and share knowledge.
  • Collaboration: take responsibility for the end-to-end process.

2) Leaders and the Organization

Leaders building alignment by providing direction and a higher purpose.


  • Purpose: set overall direction and values and create inspirational stories.
  • Speed: enable people by providing tools & resources and remove blockers.
  • Quality: display role model behavior and adapting to changing circumstances.
  • Fun: make room for inspiration and accommodate “free time”.
  • Speak up: ask for feedback, ask questions and provide support in tough moments.
  • Collaboration: be helpful and reflect on performance and client feedback.
What about results?

The InContext approach combines the people and business side of organizations.

Agile working ensures:

  • your business becomes more adaptable and will develop faster,
  • and your people will be happier, more productive and more creative.

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