Tailor-made business simulations for a competitive budget

DEBS is an online platform where employees get to work on joint and individual challenges that they encounter in daily practice. Within this learning environment, they experience the impact of their choices on their personal and team results.

DEBS is played online and offline. In the simulated online environment, participants have contact with their own stakeholders and functional colleagues. From this interaction challenges, dilemmas and strategic puzzles follow that participants must solve together. All actions and decisions taken are entered into the system. This generates new issues, KPIs and feedback for all individual participants and the entire team.

You can use DEBS for

Cross-functional teams that work together at different levels in the organization. They share information, solve problems, make important decisions, set priorities and take care of implementations. In addition to the internal challenges, there is also pressure from outside the organization. The market demands to be better and faster every day. Team members also often differ in educational background, objectives to be achieved, insights and stakeholders.

DEBS helps employees to


Improve their collaboration and communication.

Improve cooperation

Effectively work in a complex, ambivalent and changing working environment.

Beter Insights

Get insights into obvious success factors and pitfalls.

Powerful analyses

Oversee and analyze complex issues as part of a cross-functional team.

Improve decision-making

Make efficient decisions.

More powerful team

Gain valuable experiences without high costs or risks.