Our current projects

Industry | Global digital leadership program

We’re developing an all-new online simulated environment for senior leaders to experiment with tomorrow’s digital tools.
This tool also addresses the mind-set, knowledge and skills that leaders need to be successful in a rapidly changing environment. 

Telecom | Leadership development for high potentials

We’re co-designing and co-delivering a breakthrough leadership programme to help high potentials develop their leadership mind-set and skills.
The programme is a combination of tools and methods aimed at developing leaders as well as the teams they work in. 

Media | Full company transformation

InContext consultants are helping a media organization to rethink its structure, processes and ways of working.
The organization is to become more agile and better able to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders.

Pharma | Lean Clinical Trials

We’re currently rolling out a state-of-the-art strategic simulation tool to help pharma companies design more efficient and effective Clinical Trials.
Experts can use their knowledge, skills and alignment to develop successful trials using minimal resources in a true-to-life, high tech simulated environment.

Generic | Developing feedback culture

For different clients we are developing a toolbox for the development of a feedback culture across large organizations.
The tools vary from games and mind-set interventions, to immersive skill development tools. 

High Tech I Full company simulation

We’re designing a simulation tool for a fast-growing high-tech company.
This tool is to be used for helping employees and leaders understand, manage and possibly help reduce the complexity of the company, as well as improve quality and customer focus.
The tool is also envisioned to be a part of the onboarding programme for thousands of new hires across the globe.

Finance | Agile working

An InContext Squad is delivering a large-scale multi-day training for a financial institution to facilitate the organization-wide introduction of Agile.
Thousands of people must be prepared and inspired, in a very short time, to implement this new operating model successfully.  

Generic | Implementing core values

InContext is putting the final touches to a broadly applicable online tool for organization-wide implementation of core values.
Participants learn to connect core values to everyday events and challenges. They learn to recognise the impact of their choices and how these contribute to the success of the organization.

Industry | Widely applicable company simulation

After our successful implementation of a supply chain simulation for an international manufacturer, we are now developing it into a widely applicable company simulation in which all the organization’s functions can be played in varying degrees of detail, depending on the needs of the target groups.

High Tech | Customer focus delivered by self-aware teams worldwide

InContext is currently running a large-scale development training program for a world player in high-tech.
Our teams are developing customer-facing teams in a multi-cultural and very challenging context. Their team members are learning to work together more successfully with the help of Facet5.
Facet5 enables teams to collaborate by understanding and using their own personal qualities, achieving quantifiable positive impacts on their own performance and on customer experience. 

Generic | Executive Board Simulation

In collaboration with a global client, InContext developed a realistic and immersive Executive Board simulation.
This simulation is aimed at senior leaders who are about to start working at Board level but can also be used by existing Executive Boards to improve their performance and collaboration.
This simulation is built with InContext DEBS technology and so it can be easily adapted to different environments.

Generic | Team Flow Index

This is a new development where teams are compared to a specific benchmark related to the role of their team and the business field they operate in.
This tool is the result of years of research, highly innovative, interactive and gives teams a crystal-clear picture of their strengths as well as their areas for improvement.