At InContext we partner with our clients to discover and nail-down their vision, design a crystal clear strategy and bring strategy to life. Together with you we rethink your business and coach (future) C-level directors and MTs in their role and ambitions and help them break through barriers.
At InContext we partner with our clients to discover and nail-down their vision, design a crystal clear strategy and bring strategy to life. Together with you we rethink your business and coach (future) C-level directors and MTs in their role and ambitions and help them break through barriers.
Rethink your business

Rapidly changing customer needs and shifting markets, technological possibilities, limitations of current business models, inspirational vision and personal  branding, dealing with the abundance of challenges and opportunities, making bold choices on where to go and how to get there is where our  business coaches start helping you break through barriers. 

Break through barriers

Our business coaches customize their approach based on your needs, and they balance between coaching the leaders and building your organization. But our main focus is creating breakthroughs with them. With breakthroughs we mean: “sudden, dramatic, and important discoveries and development”.  

A breakthrough with CEOs / Business Unit Managers / MDs

Barriers we breakthrough with you are in inspirational leadership, branding, being a likeable organization, management team potential, and dealing with critical stakeholders.

Next to that, we build bold business and investment plans based on your ambitions, drivers of the organization and determine what your key strategic pillars and priorities are.

Together with you we discover

  • how to influence your key business drivers
  • how the dynamic environment works
  • how to realize your aspirational goals and further (double digit) growth
  • how to attract new capital/ budget/ talent

A breakthrough with other C-level directors / MT-members

Barriers we breakthrough with you are

  • how to build their leadership & managerial capability
  • how to drive a culture of fostering growth and seeing the bigger picture
  • to open-up a collaborative mindset across the business.

Commercial breakthroughs 
We help to set ambitious targets, understand your customer and your unique added value. Gain deep insights from your customers and translate it into an attractive value propositions, multi-channel approaches and personalized targeting.

Operational/Technical breakthroughs 
We help to boost your effectiveness, efficiency and quality in your organization via implementing new ways of working, product/ technical roadmaps and project portfolio management.

HR & Transformation breakthroughs  
We help to strengthen your core capabilities by focusing on what is needed in the future, attracting talent, building competencies, designing transformation journeys and build sustainable change capabilities.

InContext has contributed significantly to the enormous steps forward we have made. There is a shared vision and we focus on our priorities.

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3 key elements to break through performance barriers


Inspire with a strong vision

A strong vision is an aligned combination of the following elements: 

  • why the organization exists (inspirational mission),
  • what the organization stands for (core values and beliefs) and
  • what the organization wants to achieve (aspirational goals).

Together with you InContext engages leaders, employees and other stakeholders to discover and design an inspiring vision.

This vision is the foundation for a focused strategy and a strong culture. 

It gives direction and is a guide for bold choices towards your future direction and it inspires people to take action.


Strategic breakthroughs 
with (future) executives

When your aspirational goals are defined, it needs to become clear how the organization will reach it. 

A crystal clear and easy to understand strategy needs do be defined. Nailing down strategic pillars, key success factors and initiatives will help people to focus on key priorities. 

This strategic focus will help you break down silos and encourage people to work together to make the strategy happen. 

InContext supports creating strategic breakthroughs with (future) executives in your organization, through:

business coaching: creating business, investment and organizational development plans with you

run inspirational strategic sessions with the organization or different business units

leadership programs: C-Level and Directors coach (yearly program or future executive simulations).


Bring your strategy to life

Organizations tend to invest 80% of their time on developing vision and strategy and only 20% bringing it to life and making it happen. That’s the main reason why visions and strategies are not realized in daily practice. 

InContext helps:

to let you experience the consequences of your strategic choices and how to tailor it in real life scenario plays (i.e. War Gaming)

to bring strategy to life via business simulations where people experience what the strategy means, future direction is and how to become successful and connect it to what it means for their daily business interactions

to connect it with formal business processes (e.g. business reviews and performance management) and we build a continuous feedback culture with the aim to continuously improve. 

Fuck mediocrity

We don’t stop until you have embedded your vision and strategy successfully in your DNA (own and organization). 

We create buy-in from leaders and employees and work with proven creative design methods, collaboration formats and coach leaders in bringing the chosen strategy to life, how to cascade it in different business units or functional areas and translate it into clear day-to-day actions. 

Fuck mediocrity. We break through barriers and go for amazing results. 

When we are done, you form a better personal connection with the organization and take ownership for implementing the vision and strategy. 

The result is highly engaged employees who are driving performance, higher customer loyalty, brand attractiveness, a great story to tell, and boosted financial results.

Boost your performance

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Boost your performance
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