What is your Kodak moment?

How would Kodak be doing at the moment if they had decided to let millennials take part in their decision processes? The polaroid camera on a selfie-stick?

Much has been written about Millenials. They are known as perfectionists, egoists, and endless job-hoppers. However, they have great potential which is essential for today’s organizations. For example their fresh approach, relevant and actual knowledge, limitless energy and innovative ideas that help your organization take the next step.

Respond to the needs of millennials

The Dutch working population is expected to consists for 30% of Millennials in 2020. To be able to transform your organization to an environment in which millennials can thrive and add value you can take several initiatives.

Talent Development

Millennials work hard and continuously search for improvement of self and the environment. They take opportunities to make a difference and grow to their full potential. Organizations that act proactively and respond to this need create a pull.

How that looks in practice? An example is frequently scheduling feedback sessions as part of a continuous learning cycle. Or create senior-junior connections so starting millennials can further develop themselves because of experienced employees and vice versa. By being transparent as an employer millennials know what it takes to take the next step. That creates intrinsic motivation and a steep learning curve.


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. A well thought-out onboarding takes care of retention and leads to higher levels of employee involvement and satisfaction. Take care of the right impact and create connection with a kick-ass onboarding. Give new employees the opportunity to get to know all facets of the organization, so they are acquainted with the organization and enabled to make impact from their first working day.

Culture and core values

Can you explain to Millennials how you contribute to society? Organization wide as well as in tasks and processes? What is your ‘Why’?

Millennials want to commit to organizations that have a clear mission, vision and subsequently organizational culture. That makes core values essential for organizations. Would you like to implement new core values or bring the core values to life in an impactful way? Than the business game Align might be the right tool.

It might be clear by now; millennials have other needs than previous generations. Also when it comes to leadership. Millennials search for a work-life balance, they ask for flexibility from your organization in where and when they work, but also how they work. From their leaders they request autonomy, access to information, transparent communication and feedback to be able to grow. This request skilled leaders that are able to adapt their leadership style to their employees. Regarding millennials this means leaders take the role of a coach instead of using a directive leadership style.

From 2017 we are helping organizations to adapt to the needs of Millenials. Thomas Benedict (founder InContext) and Jorinde Luchtmeijer (freelancer of InContext and millennial) joined the program “Werkverkenners” of BNR.

Listen to the broadcast about: “How to get the best out of Millenials?” (in Dutch) by clicking on this link.

One size does not fit all.

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