Meetup: online business games

Online meetup: Thursday, December 3th

It’s time for our next Meetup!
What we have seen is that team development, teambuilding and digital collaboration are more important than ever before.
So let’s experience together two business games fully focussing on these topics. We will host a 2-hour meetup on december 3th to connect, play and have fun!

We have digitized our successful offline team collaboration game LinkXs.
This game is developed for groups to practice with collaboration, personal leadership, communication and the distribution of available resources.

During our spring meetup we introduced the team building game Fizzinity. We could not have foreseen the great impact the game generates for people and their teams. This makes us proud! As nowadays this type of distraction is more welcome than ever 🙂

Meetup Business Games
Startscherm Fizzinity telefoonStartscherm Fizzinity op telefoon

Fizzinity: online teambuilding
This game has several personal and teambuilding challenges. It is played to create a relaxed atmosphere in the team, to (re)connect and have fun! Participants complete a questionnaire and the game uses these personal answers in the assignments.

LinkXs: online collaboration
The aim of the game is to solve 2 puzzles as quickly as possible. Each group is divided into 4 teams of 2 participants. This challenge is not as easy and obvious as it might seem. Interdependence plays an important role, as teams need each other to solve their own puzzles.


  • Get to know each other
  • Play game 1
  • Play game 2
  • Closure


Would you like to join our meetup?

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Karin Vrij

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