Meetup: online business games

Online meetup: Thursday, June 4th

Corona has its influence on all of us. We also had to change our plans and priorities. What we have been doing? We have strengthened our vision on virtual leadership and collaboration and worked on a team suite consisting of innovative digital games. The games focus on themes as team dialogue, strategy & next steps, collaboration, agility and fun!

Are you curious about the possibilities? Do you want to experience one or more games before they go live? Join our online meetup at  Thursday, June 4th.

Fizzinity: online teambuilding
This game is designed as a quiz to ensure a relaxed atmosphere. It is played to connect and have fun! Participants get different assignments, such as ‘forbidden word’, ‘get to know your colleagues’ and ‘collective challenges’.

Team Flow Index: the check-up for your virtual team
By using the online team scan a team determines where the team is right now and where they want to be. The scan provides direct insight into the priorities and points for improvement of the team.

In this interactive game participants encounter recognizable team challenges and dilemmas. They discuss these, make decisions, and experience and learn from the consequences involved.

AgileQT: play with the challenging side of Agile
In this interactive game, participants learn about, discuss, decide and interact on the opportunities and values Agile can bring. The game provides the opportunity to test knowledge, share views, and create insights together.


  • Get to know each other
  • Play game 1
  • Play game 2
  • Closure


Would you like to join our meetup?

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