Leadership Development

As leaders develop and grow, they influence, develop and change their organization. They develop a new vision and strategies, embrace opportunities, conduct experiments, grow people and find better ways. And that’s just the beginning. This is why we believe that leadership development and organizational development are connected. At InContext, we know that great leaders build great organizations. InContext consultants love to engage with, facilitate and support this process!

The organization and her context form the foundation for any leadership programme we build. This means that each leadership programme is organization-specific and a unique experience to add as much value as possible. 

We do not believe in broadcasting information as a primary method for helping people to learn. Our programmes are designed to experiment, exercise and reflect, both in the programme and in daily practice. This is never done in a random or standardized manner, but with tools that are specifically designed to engage, challenge, and empower leaders to develop and apply their learnings to their own specific context.

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Download our free whitepaper about the development of leadership, co-operation & trust in teams

The current situation in the world is forcing teams to focus on their own development. What kind of leadership do we need, how to cooperate and how do we develop trust?

In this whitepaper we discuss different kinds of teams and their associated characteristics. We then discuss the relevant personal and team development in the 4 types of teams and the implementation of their management processes and how to establish mutual trust. Finally, four points for consideration to help in choosing the right approach.