If you have tried to persuade your team to move the business in a new direction and inertia keeps it on its current trajectory, then I think you are going to be really interested in customized business simulations. Here is why.

The primary purpose of the human brain is to help you stay alive and thrive. It has evolved to do so with a limited energy budget. In the interest of efficiency, it uses shortcuts such as past experiences, other people’s opinions and habits to make sense of and respond to the world around you.

To lead others in a new direction, you need to overcome the gravitational pull of these shortcuts. The most effective way is to bombard the brain with novelty – new concepts, new people, new environments. In the face of unfamiliarity, the brain has a hard time predicting what will come next as it can’t rely on past experience. This forces the brain to burn calories to make new connections and develop fresh insights.

Doing so successfully is the challenge. If the stimuli or circumstances are not novel enough, they are perceived as noise and people ignore them. Make them too novel, and they are perceived as either unrealistic and people tune out or they trigger a fear response that stops people dead in their tracks.

Customized business simulations get the balance right. They are based on your own business or strategy but set in a different context. As a result, they’re instantly recognisable, which is comforting, but different enough to challenge people’s beliefs and assumptions. Whereas real life is complex and muddled, business simulations capture the dynamics in a clear and accessible way. This makes it easier for people to quickly experience the need for a new direction, identify the way forward, and feel motivated and confident to make the change happen.

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