The hidden force beneath collaboration, performance and quality issues (and three reasons why it can get ugly)

Thomas Benedict
​A hidden force? Really? I’ve been helping organizations improve for more than 25 years, so bear with me for the moment.

6 fundamental elements in developing your organization

Stanley Wylenzek
This white paper outlines a dynamic approach aligning six fundamental elements which assesses: how open are you to continuous improvement and learning?

How many calories are you burning?

Arnoud Franken
If you have tried to persuade your team to move the business in a new direction and inertia keeps it on its current trajectory, then I think you are going to be really interested in customized business simulations. Here is why.

Experience is a brutal teacher. What serious gaming can do to you...

Karin Vrij
Every management training teaches you to co-operate, agree a joint approach, stick to the agreements, and above all, communicate with one another. Everyone knows this and think they act on it on a regular basis. Serious gaming taught me to know the real me...

Expect the unexpected

Arnoud Franken
On 2 October 2017, Monarch Airlines ceased trading, leaving more than 110,000 passengers stranded abroad and two thousand members of staff without a job.

The impact of our three-day "Agile Learning Experience"

Winona van Eck
Few people would be particularly pleased if their organization introduced a new way of working. There is a high, natural resistance to change, especially if you don't know what the advantage of the new way of working might be.

How do you deal with cultural differences? Look for the similarities.

Jeroen van Berkom
One of my Chinese clients asked me: “Are your programs as effective in other parts of the world as they are here? Our culture is completely different from yours in Europe.” I nodded. I often get asked this question.

Help, my iceberg isn’t melting!

Stijn Thiecke
There are many definitions of leadership. One of those definitions is that a leader should be able to choose the kind of leadership needed for any given situation. That also applies to Change Leaders. They have to able and willing to apply the type of leadership that fits the situation. And to get their hands dirty if the situation demands it.

Detox your organization

Thomas Benedict
People who have been working for a long time, work in teams and are part of a larger organization, are open to a hidden danger.

Never the product, always the team

Michiel Castelijns
Before we invest in an organization, we measure its financial situation and thoroughly inform about the product. Why do we pay so little attention to the people who do the work? Patrick de Zeeuw of Startupbootcamp does this, and with much success.

Relax your feminine ego

Petra van Tol
I’m writing this blog for all working women. Women who are super at their jobs, but sometimes could tackle things just a little bit better in the masculine organizations they work in. Women who push themselves a bit too hard to do everything well, and could use a little relaxation.

Change management: let the Forerunners help you

Thomas Benedict
Forerunners are a little used resource for real, positive change in organizations. Who are they? What do they do and how can we give them the space to let them help our organizations?

1 big thing you did not know about a top salesperson

Michiel Castelijns
Smooth talking, fast car. The image most people have about the successful salesperson is not accurate - according to the research we did at Mercedes-Benz.

The Big Five as model for selection and development

Michiel Castelijns
The ‘Big Five’ personality model is a tried and tested frame of reference for a variety of activities designed for use in the field of human resources. It gives HR professionals and managers the opportunity to demonstrate differences in the way people work in a clear and scientifically sound way.