Continuous Learning

Our app will help you to maximize the learning impact

The InContext Continuous Learning App has been specially developed to support the learning journey of participants in our programs by offering them content relevant for and related to those programs.

This HTML5 online application, accessible through any internet browser on any device, enables our clients to access learning materials and theories for various modules in our programs as well as tools they can use in their day-to-day business.

The Continuous Learning App serves as a guide for participants in their learning journey in four ways:

The customized learning-journey


Digital interaction & intervention

The app provides participants with the proper documentation and preparation through:

  • A list of completed modules and performance in those modules
  • An overview of preparations needed for a participant to proceed to the next module
  • Extra assignments to be used for the participant’s personal development path

Digital library

During the program, the app helps to enrich the participant’s journey by offering:

  • Background information on modules
  • Additional modules that can be selected
  • A library to further explore various themes

Digital binder

The app offers the opportunity to gather information from the program which will help to remind participants of their journey:

  • A personal folder where all training material can be stored
  • A group folder where documents, photo’s etc. can be shared
  • A place to store notes

Digital connection

The app provides information and updates on practical matters such as:

  • Logistical information
  • Contact information
  • Communication about the program
  • Updates on material

More information about our Continuous Learning App?

Meet our expert: Thijs Bosselaar
More information about our Continuous Learning App?
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