A picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a thousand pictures

We have learned that the best way to create maximum impact is to build a company simulation that is modeled on, and therefore a complete fit for your situation, that is instantly recognizable, 100% relevant and a learning experience without equal.

Company simulations are precision tools

Live your strategy

  • Deploy, explain and embed your mission, your vision, your strategy, your brand.
  • Strengthen and implement organizational values.
  • Connect behavior to strategy.
  • Engage your employees with your organization.
  • Make your vision and strategy shared and lived throughout the entire organization.

Experience key drivers

  • Explain and embed your business model.
  • Explain and embed your way of working.
  • Enhance your end-to-end process.
  • Enlarge the customer focus in your organization.
  • Quick, powerful introduction for new recruits.
  • Create a high performing organization.

Improve cooperation

  • Create effective teamwork across individuals, teams, disciplines and nationalities.
  • Enhance cooperation between content driven professionals.
  • Break silo-thinking.
  • Enhance global cooperation and global thinking.
  • Connect cultures and generate a lasting impact.

Empower change

  • Create a true sense of urgency for change and fast adaptation.
  • Bring your new organization to life even before it exists.
  • Explore, experiment, experience the new process or way of working.
  • Support your culture change.
  • Make abstract concepts tangible.
  • Integrate your business successfully after a merger or acquisition.

Examples of business simulations

Mammoet | MAD

The purpose of this simulation is to understand the new strategy and to translate the strategy to the daily practice and influence of the field and staff. It creates the right attitude and behavior to deliver the customer promise. “Feeling a strategy has so much more impact than reading about it.”



Panalpina | MeXus

Mexus is a business simulation that deeply embeds values in attitude, beliefs and behavior. It is a robust, engaging and challenging simulation of key processes to explore leadership behavior, decision making, dealing with change, values implementation and value creation.



Pharma | Coffee &
Co Operation

Coffee & Co is developed for embedding change in pharmaceutical organizations. The simulation allows employees to practice the new strategy in a safe learning environment. It captures the dynamics of the real organization.



“There is so much that we’re gonna get out of this and take back and be able to apply to our job on a day to day business.”

Panalpina company simulation participant

How can a company simulation help your organization make the next step?

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