The People Side of Business
& the Business Side of People!

InContext is an extraordinary consulting firm that helps organizations and their people to be the best they possibly can be. Breathing life into your vision, rethinking your business, fueling growth, finding new ways and helping you to bring sustainable value to everyone in and around your company.

Awareness of opportunities

Does everything within your organization seems to stagnate due to the corona virus? It does not have to be like that. This is the moment to look for new opportunities! 

Leadership Development

The organization and its people are the basis of every leadership program we develop. Every program is tailor-made.

Case: Automotive

For a leading brand within the European market we developed a business game to support all leadership teams to work more customer-oriented. 


An online, interactive game-environment in which participants encounter recognizable challenges, have to make decisions, and experience and learn from the subsequent consequences. 


Vision & strategy

 Determine and formalize the identity, ambition and direction of your organization.

Leadership & organisational development

The development of leadership skills responding to daily practice.


Reach change by thinking in possibilities, gaining new insights and sharing experiences.

Team development

Coaching and development, so that teams can take responsibility for growth and performance.

Learning culture

Building an agile organization in which continuous learning is an essential part.

Agile way of working

Learn to work with a different mindset and methods for more productivity and creativity

Strengthen core values

Discover and define core values in line with the business model and organizational culture.


The development of programs with content, action, reflection, practice for an impactful start. 

Serious GAMing

Business simulations

A representation of your organization
where employees experience the impact
of their attitude, choices and behavior.

Business games

Our games encourage behavioral change. It can be uses for themes such as culture, teamwork and core values.

Knowledge sessions & meet-ups​

During the year we organize various meetings about our business games and simulations.