Is your organization ready to

If you want to change your organization for the better, InContext is ready to help you to breathe life into your vision, rethink your business, fuel growth, find new ways and create sustainable value for everyone in and around you company. Curious? Take a look!

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Vision & strategy

 Determine and formalize the identity, ambition and direction of your organization.

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Disruption & recovery

Build a positive 
and strong future 
for your 

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Leadership development

The development of leadership skills responding to daily practice.

Rock your team

Coaching and development, so that teams can take responsibility for growth and performance.

Agile way of working

Learn to work with a different mindset and methods for more productivity and creativity


Reach change by thinking in possibilities, gaining new insights and sharing experiences.

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Core values

Discover and define core values in line with the business model and organizational culture.



The development of programs with content, action, reflection, practice for an impactful start. 

Change without resistance

When we start a change process program, we often get asked “how can we makes changes without causing resistance”. Our first response is to ask why anyone would want that in the first place.

Development of leadership, co-operation & trust in teams

The current situation in the world is forcing teams to focus on their own development. What kind of leadership do we need, how to cooperate and how do we develop trust?

Why organizational development needs a 21st century approach

Many organizations today find themselves in an uncharted, complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.

Why start now with team building?

If you want to get started with team building, it is essential to ask yourself what team building actually is and how you can use team building to achieve the desired result.

Serious Gaming
Serious-Gaming-InContext workshop

Business simulations

A representation of your organization
where employees experience the impact
of their attitude, choices and behavior.

Serious-Gaming-InContext workshop

Business games

Our games encourage behavioral change. It can be uses for themes such as culture, teamwork and core values.

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Online tools

In a digital learning environment it is about the same experience: valuable, interactive and explorative.

Why work with InContext?

Business & people

InContext helps you to grow your business. With thorough analysis and fresh insights, we strengthen and develop your organization at all levels. At the same time, we pay attention to the people and what they need to work together happily and productively, so that they drive the success of the business. Now and in the future.

Innovative & creative

Some of our ideas may surprise you, as we are not afraid to innovate. We have guts and dare to come up with a bold approach. We combine innovative insights, digital technology and creative interventions into an approach that fits what your organization needs to advance and grow.

Real conversations at each level

We take the success of your organization seriously. That is why we strive to understand the challenges of your organization, engage with everyone in a respectful manner, and are open to feedback. We are not afraid to share our own ideas, insights, and feedback, even if this may be a little uncomfortable now and then. We are dedicated to our customers and strive for the best result for your organization. Always.

Tangible & measurable results

We commit ourselves to every single assignment as well as the deliverables and outcomes to be achieved. We work in close cooperation with you to define and achieve measurable goals. We aren’t finished until a result has been achieved that you can see and feel.

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