With roughly a decade of management experience I have seen my share of project complexity, internationalism, digital development needs and change.

In my experiences as a consultant, capital project manager and continuous improvement specialist, I have found one recurring truth: there is always something very difficult standing in the way of effective change. Identifying, understanding, and tackling that ‘something’ is my passion.

Since when are our needs standardized? Correct, they never are. It’s always complicated, and it always relates to people in some shape or form.

Ask yourself: how often have companies attempted to reduce risk, take control and gain independence of a challenge without securing that people adapt in the process too?

I thrive on the interface between creative ideas and their implementation. I inspire and energize individuals & groups to move towards their visualized goals.

It’s a great feeling to look ahead and visualize how it could work. It’s an even better feeling to look back and realize you did it in the way you visualized it.

Background & education

  • Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam
  • TU Delft, MSc Chemical Engineering


Nuon, Vattenfall, KPMG, ING