Facet5 is the best and clearest online personality questionnaire available at the moment.

Welcome to Facet5- the most modern and advanced measure of personality available today. 

Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 supports human capital management for individuals, teams and organisations, consistently adding real value. 

Offered in over 30 languages and supported by leading edge technology and supported by leading edge technology, Facet5 is ideal for use by anyone who needs to understand human behaviour in a work context.

Scientific evidence

It quickly gives managers and HR-professionals insight into the behavior, motivation, attitude and ambition of people. Facet5 is unique in that it is thoroughly founded on scientific evidence and it speaks in layman’s terms.

Concrete report

The exhaustive and accessible personality report provides answers to questions such as:

  • What are the strong and weak characteristics of this (new) staff member
  • What can I expect of him/her on a daily basis? 
  • How can I, as this person’s manager, offer support in my management? 
  • In which competencies can my staff member grow? 
  • In which function can I best employ this person in a specific team?
  • How does this team work together and what are the possibilities for improvement? 

Surprising insights

The depth of Facet5 borders on the unbelievable. Participants often do not believe that their personality reports are generated automatically because the feedback is so to the point. 

Facet5 has been perfected and expanded over a period of several years. The system is used annually by more than ten thousand people, which in turn provides Facet 5 with more information which is constantly used to further refine and improve it.

Wide range of applications

Facet5 offers various applications:

  • Focus on specific competencies 
  • Audition: an evaluation according to a specific competency profile 
  • Teamscape: a comparison of individual reports, collated into a team report 
  • Focus on leadership: a practical overview for the manager, with do’s & don'ts 
  • Work preferences: an overview of incentives and motivation

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More about Facet5?
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