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Digital transformation

We know how to ensure your continuity in a world where the status quo has been challenged by new technologies, business models and changing customer needs. Not by a quick fix, a one-time change, but by continuously aligning your organization using short customer feedback loops.

This requires alignment between your business model, your operational capability and your customer’s experience.

We help you to develop an excellent customer experience, an adequate business model and an agile operational capability.

Reinvent your business


Excellent customer experience

We define your customer roles to shape excellent customer experience, designing a customer journey and creating short customer feedback loops enabling you to offer optimal service to your customers.

Detailed data is generated about the behavior, the personalities and interests of your customers so that you know what your customer wants, when, how, at what price and last, but not least, we include the emotional aspects. This data allows you to align your business processes in real time, to the dreams and needs of your customers.


Fit for purpose business model

Your business model is the link between customer experience and operational capability. Or rather: what your customer is looking for and what you can deliver. We develop a business model, including a detailed revenue model, that suits you and is tailored to your customer’s experience, based on your purpose, vision and values.


Agile operational capability

How do you create value? To meet the needs of your customers you must be able to deliver value at any time, and simultaneously, you must be flexible enough (in an agile way) to constantly adapt the value you supply to changes in customer needs and requirements.

To achieve this, the customer feedback loop is embedded in your whole organization. The result is data-driven processes and an engaged workforce so that the value you deliver constantly feeds your excellent customer experience.

Shifting markets, shifting technology
Organizational transformation challenges

Organizations that operate using digital trends to their advantage, can realize their dreams. From experience, we know of four big challenges all organizations must deal with in a digital transformation.

Digital awareness

To ensure continuity, all challenges facing your organization must be handled through a digital mindset. This requires digital vision and leadership so that it can be shared and evolved.


Digital transformation depends entirely on the commitment of the whole of top management. Willingness is indispensable to achieve a digital strategy and to rolling it out.

Digital versus legacy

Digital transformation requires dropping conventional thinking. This means letting go of methods and patterns, and freeing up the pathway to the transformation of your organization into a digital enterprise.

Employee engagement

Involving staff and appealing to intrinsic motivations will trigger your staff to think and work on the transformation of your organization.

Workshops and programs

Digital focus

Digital maturity scan
The digital maturity scan gives an indication of the level of digitalization of your organization. The results of this scan show you where you are now and what opportunities exist to further shape your digital transformation.

Digital awareness session
A digital awareness session will give you an insight into the advantages of a digital transformation for your organization.

Vison update
A digital focus requires a digital vision. These sessions update your digital vision so that it provides a perspective for the future.

Customer experience

Customer journey
Developing a customer journey map provides insight into the needs of your customer. Creating a short customer feedback loop enables you to obtain continuous data about your customer.

Value proposition design
The customer journey helps us design a value proposition that meets the needs of your customer at the right time and price. 

Business model

Business model innovation
Your business model forms the link between the value proposition and value delivery.  Your greatest innovation potential lies in your business model. Developing a competitive business model based on your purpose, ensures the provision of quality, connecting to and reflecting the needs of your customer.

Operational capability

Culture of Innovation
A digital enterprise benefits from an innovative culture. We develop culture from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset: a corporate culture that distances itself from conventional thinking and established patterns.

Internal Collaboration
We assist you to set up and enable collaboration in your organization between employees, teams, departments and locations, making it as easy as possible. We create an agile workforce, always able to respond to the needs of your customer.

Process optimization
The smart use of technology helps you optimize your processes so that they support your value proposition. Not by a one-time, quick fix adjustment, but by constantly keeping your processes up-to-date and agile with the help of your customer’s data.

Digital transformation?

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Digital transformation?
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