Crafting a positive future for your organization

The Covid-19 crisis has shaken up organizations across the globe. Almost every organization is impacted by some kind of disruption. Some are dealing with surges in demand, while others are struggling to reach their budgets or even need to transform the very core of their business. Business models are being challenged and teams are adapting to working from home or to new hybrid ways of working.

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What to do to build a positive and strong future for your organization?

The steps you take now might determine the future of your organization for the years to come. InContext can help you to pinpoint key issues, take aligned decisions, take action where needed, help your teams to keep strong and focus your whole organization on building a positive future.

Reboard your employees

Many of us have been forced to work from home for a long time. Now the restrictions are being eased, it is time to get back to the office – or is it? Which way of working will work for your organization, ensuring productivity, motivation, alignment and team spirit? InContext can help you conduct a constructive and positive dialogue with smaller or larger groups in your organization. We can help you to design a working model that will work now and in the future. Once a model has been chosen, we can organize reboarding events that bond and motivate your employees to work in the new model and offer tools and games that optimize collaboration in the new setting.

How do you ensure a fresh start?

  • Create and implement a plan for the new way of working.
  • Focus on productivity, motivation, connection and work flexibility.
  • Think about using tools tools and games to optimize collaboration.
  • Consider organizing reboarding events.

Re-align using Reflect and Rethink workshops

If your organization has been disrupted, what have you learned? How do these lessons impact your organization’s vision, strategy and ways of working? Which new risks need to be addressed and are there new opportunities that should be considered? These questions and many more can be addressed in Reflect and Rethink workshops. By addressing and answering these questions in leadership teams or groups of stakeholders, you make sure that insights are shared and captured. Your vision and strategy are challenged, and plans are made to address immediate issues and set the stage for a positive future. The workshops are led by experienced senior consultants and are delivered for varying group types and sizes. Reflect and Rethink workshops are tailored to the specific situation and needs of each organization.

Where to use a workshop for?

  • Take the time to capture your lessons learned into your organization’s vision and strategy.
  • Set the stage for a positive future: make meaning, create value and move ahead.
  • Focus on the content as InContext designs and facilitates a meeting tailored to your situation and needs.
Business games

Match learning tools with your hybrid work environment

Learning is much more than just knowledge sharing and (digitally) disseminating information. For us, learning is creating a valuable experience. Interaction, real contact and connection are essential.

In a digital learning environment it is about the same experience: valuable, interactive and explorative. Our online learning tools are not made to just share information, they stimulate interaction and dialogue. We challenge participants to get out of their comfort zone, to develop new skills, and experiment with behavior. Our tools are challenging, motivating and fun! All online tools can be applied in a hybrid work environment.

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Start right away with our newest business games

  • Fizzinity, an online teambuilding game.
  • TeamworkQT, an online, interactive game-environment in which participants encounter recognizable team challenges, make decisions and experience and learn from the consequences involved.
  • Agile QT, an online, interactive game-environment in which participants discuss the Agile way of working based on difficult challenges and situations to improve their Agile mindset and behavior.

Restructure your organization

Building a positive and lasting future may require your organization to transform fundamentally. A first step in the transformation can be a change in structure or reduction in capacity which in turn can have a negative impact on part of the workforce. Such measures are never easy to take and require careful planning and preparation. Once plans are made, leaders will need all their skills to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, especially those directly impacted by the change.

InContext consultants can support and coach leaders, managers and HR professionals in planning and running these challenging projects. A well-run restructuring program will help to minimize the negative impacts for everyone involved, while making sure that measures are strong enough to ensure survival and growth in the future. Also, there will be a strong focus on keeping the shop running during the transformation and rebuilding the organization to perform once the restructuring is completed. Once the tough job is done, you can focus on building and growing the business again.


What you can expect from us?

  • Help and advice to be able to take the necessary measures, with a clear focus on building and growing the business again.
  • Support and coaching from experienced consultants in preparing and communicating plans for change.
  • Assistance in coordinating tasks, for example project guidance.

Build and grow your teams

A new way of working requires different collaboration within teams. Teams need to reinvent themselves and look for a new interpretation of working together in a pleasant, efficient and effective way. In a disrupted environment it is not easy to keep your team aligned and motivated to keep their focus on the right things. InContext can support you in making the right decisions regarding the team composition, synergy, focus and team performance.

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How we can help you with team development? 

  • Build your team: we help determine the compatibility of team members, uncover the blind spots and train the skills needed. This way we are able to create teams that works together effectively.
  • Analysis of your team: we assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses taking into account the team composition, structure, leadership, context it operates in, environment and the work that needs to be done. Resulting in insight in what is needed to the team as a whole to be able to achieve their goals.
  • Synergize your team: we enable and coach team members in combining their strengths, harmonize their ways of working and improve communication.
  • Optimize team performance: We help teams to define the right KPIs by using feedback from the team’s environment. With these KPIs teams are empowered to monitor their performance and continously improve.

Hybrid leadership

Covid-19 disrupted the way of working for many organisations. Standard practices regarding working hours, location and teamwork are not self-evident anymore. So, how do we move on from the current improvised situation to a sustainable new way of working? What does this mean for your team and your leadership? Because if you change the way of working, you also need to change your leadership and management style.

Checklist for hybrid leadership

  • Develop a new way of working
  • Continuously adapt to changing circumstances
  • Maintain a continuous dialogue with your team members and stakeholders
  • Develop goal-oriented performance management
  • Reflect on your (changing) role as a leader
  • Communicate and engage with your team
Leadership & organisational development

“I experienced the InContext consultant as a trusted partner; someone who really helped us ride the storm, and who stood by us to navigate the organization in the right direction.”

Sander Willems – General Manager Business Center Europe, Philips Healthcare

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