Leaders & Change

Organizations in change need powerful leaders: people with a strong inner compass, who inspire their environment with a new vision and ideas, who live out how to ‘do the right thing’ when it becomes challenging and support others to do the same.

At InContext we believe that everyone can be a leader, irrespective of job title. You don’t need to wait for words like manager, leader or executive to pop up in your job description to stand up as a leader.

The willingness to grow, to develop in self-confidence and accept ever-growing challenges is key. Just like the ability to reflect on one’s own actions.  To give and accept feedback, to be of service to the organisation and its people. To speak up and address difficult issues. To include every member of the organisation in a meaningful way forward. Click here to read more about our vision on leadership.

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Action leads to results

InContext helps leaders at every organizational level to take action, but never in a vacuum. Participants in our leadership programmes get things moving where it counts most: on the work floor.

This ensures that leadership development and organizational development are both addressed. Developing leaders help others to grow and implement improvements in the organization at the same time. This ensures that developing leaders validate their insights in practice and deliver value in the organization without delay.

What we offer:

Customized programs

Each organizational transformation is unique, with its own volatility and uncertainty. In our tailor-made programs we take this into account. We work closely with our principals to develop timely, close-fitting interventions, that meet the needs of participants.


Proven programs

In our proven programs we develop individuals who are ready for the next step in their careers, from new-hires to C-level executives. By developing knowledge and self-awareness, as well as enhancing skills we prepare them for challenges ahead.


Complement skills

Effective leaders are able to adapt to a multitude of situational challenges. Communication skills, the ability to give and receive feedback, influencing skills and dealing with resistance and emotion are just a few of the many skills we help leaders develop.


Instruments for interventions

Our tools and instruments help make great steps in a short period of time. Read our books, understand personality with facet5, develop your team with Team Flow Index and Linkxs. These tools can either be used separately or as a part of a larger program.


Our approach

During the last 25 years we have gained a wealth of experience in the field of leadership development. However, we never stop developing ourselves. Our customers’ situation and goals are always leading, driving new product innovation and breakthrough solutions. This process always starts by listening and understanding the organizational context in which our program must succeed.

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“InContext understands the system and allows participants to experience that they themselves can take responsibility for creating movement within the organization.”

Selma de Ridder – Global Talent Manager Damen Shipyards

Leadership development?

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