Interxion increase employee and customer satisfaction

Interxion increase employee and customer satisfaction

Align 1500 employees over 11 European countries on one set of core values to increase employee and customer satisfaction. 

We believe in learning through experience, so we developed the tailor-made Connect Game to empower the employees of Interxion to live the core values.

Interconnection hub

Interxion is the interconnection hub that obtained a leading position in their market in Europe. Quickly growing and opening new datacenters across borders made it evident that investing in initiating a dialogue on their core values was needed in the organization. Thereby creating one tone of voice and one code of action towards international customers.
High Tech
Generating movement & energy

The high ambitions of Interxion lead to a need for intense collaboration between countries, business units, departments and people. 

Chris van Voorthuysen, HR Director Interxion: “The Connect Game started a conversation between employees in all layers of the organization, from11 different countries, about core values. You could feel a sense of urgency among the employees to make it happen. By playing the game with different teams, dialogues started about their daily practice and how to apply these values to their work. 

For the first time, the core values came to life. It was no longer only a corporate thought, but a new way of working. It was amazing to experience the energy and excitement, especially when multiple games were being played in the same room. Even after the roll out, there is continuous buzz about core values, the sessions and the Connect Game.”

It turned a piece of paper with abstract words into an applicable tool that adds value to the daily practice of everyone.

Chris van Voorthuysen
To make real impact

After the roll out, over 1500 employees understood the meaning of the core values and their impact on the business context. They saw the difference in impact of acting according to the core values and not. 

According to Chris van Voorthuysen, the biggest achievement of the Connect Game is that “people started to realize that core values are not just an organizational effort, but require true effort by everyone. It turned a piece of paper with abstract words into an applicable tool that adds value to the daily practice of everyone.” 

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