Case 01


To engage all 2.200 employees ING wanted to make sure that people experienced why the new way of working was important, what the key elements and roles are and how the teams can take ownership in delivering great results. 

Case 02

Damen develops great leadership

"The down to earth way of working relates well to our people and creates necessary insights."

Case 03

Danone maintains the highest level of quality and food safety

“Our global team has now a shared vision and we focus on our priorities.”

Case 04

Interxion increases employee and customer satisfaction

"The core values came to life. It was no longer only a corporate thought, but a new way of working."

Case 05

Philips Healthcare strengthen the whole business unit by a “one voice, more power” Management Team

"The way this project was done has repaid the investment we made many times over."

Case 06

Pharmaceutical organization improves business performance

"Can you support us in determining a clear change strategy, pin-point which elements are most crucial in our change, design a change plan and support in the associated interventions to improve our business performance?"

Case 07

Mammoet increases customer satisfaction by empowering their employees

"Feeling a strategy has so much more impact than reading about it."

Case 08

Panalpina embeds global thinking and synergistic collaboration using a joined experience

"InContext really got in depth in trying to understand our business."

Case 09

ABB improves organizational alignment including utilization and motivation of people 

"Their approach is hands-on and they applied very practical methods to bring overview and structure in our change process. No fist thick advisory reports but spot on advice."

Case 010

PWC | Female leadership

"How can you ensure that your behavior has the effect you intend? How can you combine your ambition with your personal life? How can you continue being yourself?"