Case Study – PWC

Case Study - PWC

The goal of this program is to retain talented women in PwC and progress their career development.

Petra van Tol (InContext): “In an environment like PwC women encounter specific challenges. By giving them more insight into that world and coaching them to use their own strengths, they become more effective.

The program fits into a broader cultural change. Men are becoming more and more aware that a predominately masculine frame of reference is only one of the possible perspectives. Taking this into consideration, the program would certainly be relevant for men too.”

Experiment with different kinds of behavior

Twelve to fourteen middle and starter senior managers took part in the 5-day program. Petra: “Many women leave the organization in this stage in their careers. PwC wants to retain this talent because a diverse range of qualities leads to improved services to clients. The dilemma is often: do I have to adjust or can I stay true to myself? When you understand the masculine rules of the game, you can make a conscious choice per situation.”

“This is why we get our participants to take part in role-play with actors to experiment with different kinds of behavior. They hold up a mirror for you by directly confronting you with the consequences of your behavior.” Jitske van Hattem (PwC): “There were big differences between the participants and the obstacles they experienced. Also every team handles diversity in a different way. Nevertheless, It was an extremely useful learning experience for everyone.”

Powerful through insight

Alles draait om bewuster handelen. Jitske: ‘We hebben bijvoorbeeld geoefend in zichtbaar zijn zonder daarmee jezelf anders voor te doen dan je bent. Door van bepaalde momenten gebruik te maken om te laten zien waar je mee bezig bent, word je effectiever in een meer masculiene omgeving, waar zichtbaarheid wordt gewaardeerd.’

Petra: ‘Naast bewustzijn van het effect van gedrag geeft het programma vrouwen meer inzicht in hun eigen krachten en kwaliteiten. Mensen met een feminien karakter zijn vaak gevoelig voor dominante types. Als je weet waar jouw kracht zit, laat je je minder overrompelen en krijg je juist meer steun van die mensen.’

More aware and effective

Petra sees that the programme does a lot with women: ‘The women who followed the programme now make more conscious choices. That is because they are more explicitly thinking about their goal, strategy and who can help them with that. Thanks to the programme, their careers are sometimes accelerated; that is wonderful to see.

Jitske: ‘The programme makes you aware of the effect of your behaviour on others. Of course, the result is different for each participant. I myself noticed that a more effective way of working is often very close to me, but that I don’t do it automatically. It helps when you are confronted with this.

Jitske van Hattem, Senior Tax manager PwC
Petra van Tol, Managing consultant InContext

Source special edition of PwC deConnection on valuing differences
Author Manon van der Zwaal

Relax your female ego

I’m writing this blog for all working women. Women who are super at their jobs, but sometimes could tackle things just a little bit better in the masculine organizations they work in. Women who push themselves a bit too hard to do everything well, and could use a little relaxation.

“It was an extremely useful learning experience for everyone.”

Jitske van Hattem – Senior Tax manager PwC

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