Case Study – KPMG

Case Study - KPMG

We are looking for an onboarding program in which we welcome, inspire and motivate new colleagues and give them a flying start within KPMG with a WOW! effect.


Jaarlijks starten zo’n 500 ‘new joiners’ bij KPMG. Starters en partners, accountants en consultants, secretaresses en facilities, allemaal maken zij kennis met de visie, strategie, waarden en cultuur van KPMG. Om snel up-and-running en effectief inzetbaar te zijn biedt KPMG een onboarding programma. Het is een programma waarin de mens centraal staat en dat nieuwe collega’s verbindt.


InContext, in co-creation with KPMG, has designed a customized program that delivers lasting impact. Input from interviews and frequent coordination led to a balanced program consisting of, among other things, storytelling, group challenges, introspection, and working on case studies.

An important part of the program is the Align game. Participants work on various challenges, events, opportunities and dilemmas from the KPMG practice in which they are challenged to act in line with the KPMG core values. There is room for dialogue and reflection on the values. As a result, the new employees learn to apply the core values in challenging daily activities and dilemmas. The values really come to live.


The onboarding ensures inclusiveness, participants build an informal network and learn from and with each other. They feel connected to the organization and to each other through the joint experience and by getting introduced to role models. In addition, during the onboarding they get started with their personal development and experience how they can contribute to the success of the organization as a whole.

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