A learning experience without equal

We develop a business simulation in a way that it is an exact reflection of your organization; your vision, strategy, processes and culture. This means the simulation setting is directly recognizable for employees. Within this safe environment, they can experiment with their attitude, choices and behavior and experience what the impact is on, for example, the strategy. The result: a learning experience without equal.

What can a business simulation mean for your organization? 

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Why use a business simulation?

Live your strategy

  • Embed your mission,  vision and strategy.
  • Connect behavior to strategy.
  • Make your vision and strategy shared and lived by all employees.

Experience key drivers

  • Explain and embed your business model.
  • Enhance your end-to-end process.
  • Enlarge the customer focus in your organization.

Improve cooperation

  • Create effective teamwork across individuals, teams, disciplines and nationalities.
  • Enhance cooperation between content driven professionals.
  • Quick, powerful introduction of new employees.

Empower change

  • Create a true sense of urgency for change.
  • Bring your new organization to life.
  • Integrate your business successfully after a merger or acquisition.



SLAM is an interactive reflection of ASML in which employees become aware of their role within the organization. Among other things, attention is paid to end-to-end awareness.


Accell Group – Paceline

The business simulation provides insight into the optimization options of the production chain. Participants become aware of the benefits and preconditions for organization-wide cooperation and optimization.


Mammoet – MAD

Through the simulation, employees experience how to act in line with the strategy. They have learned to talk to each other about behavior and know how to work together in a constructive way.


Panalpina – Mexus

More than 300 managers – including the top 100 – participated in Mexus. They worked on leadership behavior and explored decision-making processes. Next to that the organizational values were implemented.


“There is so much that we can get out of the simulation and apply it directly in our daily work.”

Participant Panalpina business simulation

How can a business simulation help your organization?

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