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Management games are the most direct way to gain knowledge, insights and awareness. They facilitate an intense dialogue on themes such as vision & strategy, core values, teamwork, culture, integrity and diversity.

Our management games are motivating, provide energy and make a lasting (team) experience. By using recognizable situations, a game is always relevant; participants can directly translate their experiences into daily practice. They get the chance to challenge themselves, experiment with other behavior and experience the consequences for themselves, their team and the organization.

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Which business games can you use?


By using the Quadrality platform you are able to quickly realize an online, interactive game-environment.



An online tool to teach your employees what the short and long term effects of choices are.



DEBS is an online platform where employees work on joint and individual challenges that they encounter in daily practice.



Challenge us!

A business game offers employees new knowledge, insights and awareness. We are happy to talk to you about how to translate your challenges into a suitable game.

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A game to start with right away


A game focusing on cooperation, support, competition and conflict

LinkXs is a game developed for groups to practice with collaboration, personal leadership, communication and the distribution of available resources. The game is all about skills and attitude, not about knowledge.

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KPMG – Align

We have designed an onboarding program in co-creation with KPMG. The Align game, based on the Quadrality platform, plays an important role in this program.


Novartis – DEBS

DEBS is used by Novartis to challenge CHRO’s to work on their new role within the organization. Within the learning environment they experience the effects of choices on their personal and team results.


“I found the energy and excitement amazing. The buzz about the core values, the sessions and the game is still there.”

Chris van Voorthuysen – HR Director Interxion

Which impact can a business simulation make for your organization?

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