How to manage rapid growth? How to align your organization for this?

The case

Over the past years ASML has been extremely successful, experiencing rapid growth and technological breakthroughs. This has an enormous impact on the people and organization of ASML, leading to challenges regarding onboarding, shared data and information, end-to-end awareness and culture amongst many other things.



ASML partnered with InContext to develop the immersive role-based business simulation SLAM. The simulation is a role-based, highly interactive model of the ASML organization developed to create a risk-free training and experimentation space for end-to-end-awareness, attitude, mindset and behaviors.

It provides a learning experience, with high energy and fun, that raises employees’ awareness about their role in the bigger picture and how to add value. Amongst other things they are enabled to develop customer focus, business sense and a quality mind-set.



SLAM is now being used intensively within ASML on multiple subjects. Heleen Cocu-Wassink, the Global Head of People & Organizational Development of ASML, explains the first results – starting at 21:50 in the podcast of People Power radio; “All participants encourage other employes to play the simulation. Even those people who have been working there for 35 years. SLAM provides a good insight into the dynamics of ASML.”

“If you are wondering how our organization works, you have got to experience SLAM!”

Participant SLAM business simulation

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