To encourage everyone in our organization to grow and develop and to put all that to work for the best and most meaningful companies in the world, anywhere in the world. To change things for the better: for the organization itself, for the people who work there and ultimately for society.

In order to achieve this, our own organization had to become something very special: full of values actually lived, focused on results, making deep contact with one another, informal, ambitious, a little bit spiritual, respectful, entrepreneurial, and challenging. The place to be and belong if you are ambitious in all aspects of your life.

Our work is far from easy: getting real and essential things up and running in large organizations, working in a challenging international environment. Designing and implementing change. Bringing vision to life. Building instruments, simulations and programs from scratch. Making sure they are implemented, played and worked with, with enthusiasm, gusto and fun. Achieving results that the client never imagined possible.

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It is work that constantly requires you to leave your comfort zone, to take on new challenges. Content based, but also personal. We want to work with people who seek out that challenge, sometimes intensely enjoying it, often struggling together and from time to time in confusion, asking ourselves what on earth we are doing.We are incredibly proud when we hear clients tell us what our programs have achieved: commercial success, breakthroughs in efficiency, but especially something intangible: a vision that touches peoples’ hearts and inspires them to rise above small differences and discomforts and to build something that makes a lasting difference.

“25 years ago we started InContext with the idea of putting something magnificent into the world.”

Thomas Benedict – Director and founder InContext

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Thomas Benedict

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