About InContext

Our approach

At InContext we believe that the “soft stuff”, like inspiration, creativity and connection only has real impact if it is directly linked to ambition, real-life issues, smart analysis and tangible results.

Culture change, transformation, blended learning, agile, leadership development and strategic behavioral change are just a few key words from projects we are currently working on.

Our clients describe the InContext approach as unorthodox, passionate, conscientious, surprising and constantly focused on achieving measureable results. That is why the largest and most ambitious organizations find their way to InContext.

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Our team

InContext has a core team based in the Netherlands and a large network of associated consultants, business coaches, trainers, facilitators, organizational psychologists and actors. They connect with ambitious clients across the globe who aim to change their organization for the better.

We work globally

We are based in the Netherlands but we accomplish concrete, measurable results for our clients all over the world. Our consultants are working in the USA, the Caribbean, China, Singapore and almost all European countries. We work with a philosophy that transcends national cultures so it doesn’t matter where your company is located.


Our inspiration

Does your organization need growth, energy, innovation, new ways of working, more passion, fun or sustainability?Or maybe some old habits and patterns need to change, to make space for collaboration, trust and increased performance?

If you’re not about waiting or standing still but want to change your organization for the better, InContext is ready to help you to breathe life into your vision, rethink your business, fuel growth, find new ways and create sustainable value for everyone in and around you company.

“People aiming for a positive breakthrough in their own organization are our heroes. It’s our mission to help them succeed.”

Thomas Benedict – Director and founder of InContext

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